Zero Day: China's Cyber Wars

Zero Day: China's Cyber Wars, T.L.'s acclaimed third novel deals with Chinese Cyber warfare against the U.S. Logan battles Chinese Cyber hackers who are on the brink of executing a plot to destroy the U.S. economy. It was published in February 2017. Zero Day was awarded the 2017 Florida Authors and Publishers President's awards in the Adult Fiction-General and E-Book categories. It was also awarded a silver medal in the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Awards.

There is a Cyber war under way, every minute of every day, 365 days a year. Rogue nations, cyber warriors, thugs and hackers of every stripe have joined battle. China is leading the way. They have launched a persistent, invasive offensive against Americans Cyber infrastructure, leaving no sector unscathed. Finance, Industry, Government, Energy, Transportation, Academia - not one is immune. Now in a bid to eclipse the U.S. as a world power, China has embarked upon a Zero Day attack against the Homeland. Their goal is nothing less than to erode trust in the dollar as the world's reserve currency. One man stands in their way - Logan Alexander. Battling elite Chines hackers, Logan sees action in Washington, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. Who will win the day?